We have these little devices in our hands that help us so much.  They tell us where to be, and how to get there.  They hold our favorite music so we can have a great workout.  They offer us the ability to reach out to old high school friends and distant family members.  They even have wonderful high-powered cameras and store our memories of the good times we’ve had.  

While these devices, our phones, have been really great at doing all of these things they have also taken a lot from us.  Without them, we are losing the ability to find landmarks and know how to get to places without them.  They enclose us in headphones and deaden us to the ability to know each other, have meaningful conversations, and develop new relationships.  And, they create these tiny boxes of stored memories that disappear quickly after the newest social media post. 

Steven Spielberg sums it up nicely: “Technology can be our best friend, and technology can be the biggest party pooper of our lives.  It interrupts our own story, our ability to have a thought or daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we are too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone.”

So, how do we and our loved ones go on in our memories for generations and not for moments?  

When we started Breshears Photography back in 2000 we thought much like many photographers do.  We enjoyed the art, the energy, and the pleasure of taking and presenting beautiful images to our clients.  But, something happened not long into our journey.  We realized that as professional photographers it is our responsibility to create not only images that you can enjoy now but images that will have meaning to future generations.  

Our vision is to showcase the interconnectedness of time, by illuminating the present for the future, knowing it will provide a glimpse of the past.  Providing an understanding of the shared human journey.   

How do we do this?  By creating images that are made for display as wall art.  Images that are openly viewable throughout the home.  The images we create are meant to be visually present for generations to come.  Artwork of your family that will be passed down and cherished not only by you but by generations.  A gift of legacy and meaning.  

The question to ask yourself isn’t whether you can get a digital image that will disappear easily in days and never be seen again.  The question is why would you want that at all?

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